You have a lot to think about when getting a dog, my mum got two dogs she couldn’t afford to pay for their vaccinations. She could feed them but their jags were costly for two. Like £130 costly. 

 This is Jessie and Jodie, when I moved back in with my mum I had helped pay for their jags, I think they are adorable. They are both Staffordshire bull terrier cross collie and they are both sisters and born the same day. I was the one who witnessed the birth of these adorable dogs, but the shameful thing about it is my mum and big brother picked their favourite. Can you guess which one? Due to that the other was left out on any affection, it would always be shoo Jessie, move or get lost. Now Jessie is just adorable, she loves cuddles and always comes for them. I’m afraid I sometimes do it too mainly because she can be too much. But she is only saying hi and all that so I usually have her back cuddling up again. Jodie in the other hand can be sweet when she wants to be, she’s not aggressive no. It’s just she hardly pays attention, I am working on it but it’s a lot more worse outside then inside. I guess you have to really be a good dog trainer or knowledgable on how to train them. These days you look online and you find dog trainers showing you how to do it, but mainly on a dog who is already trained. So you give up cause you have no idea what to do and don’t have the money to go to classes. One minute your thinking a responsible owner would give them up to good homes, but I feel in love with both of them and trying my hardest to train them. It’s just money wise I can’t get any treats or anything. It’s mostly me now that deals with the dogs, my mums only interested in Jodie when she bothers to come home.   

This is Jodie, looks more like a collie than staffy and loves to play. A troublemaker at the most but she warms on you.  

And this is Jessie, they don’t look related much do they? Same height and different personality. As well as having the same age and birthday. My mum could have had only one but taken two, she says to me all the time she didn’t want them, though she did and she made a choice. But now it’s what is the right choice, I’m trying to reverse the problems they have, but I don’t get much help. Now Iv got a dilemma give them up or keep them and keep trying. I love them both, but I’m not experienced in dog training……