Sitting on the couch thinking how unlucky I am to stay somewhere where I don’t exactly have a bed, but only a couch and realising it’s my problem that I can fix, no one can fix it for me. I currently live with my mum and I have thought before:

I’m unemployable

I’m lazy

I’m no good

I’m stuck in this position and not going anywhere

But even with these thoughts I do have things to be positive about for example:

  • Getting in to college Early years and Childcare Int 1.
  • When I didn’t progress I went on to do Step in to Learning that made me realise what I really want to do.
  • Going in to creative industries to keep me building my confidence, it didn’t really but I found my creative side.
  • I then went on to do NC Health and Social Care at level 5 and passed it, including passing my project with an A.
  • Progressing on to NC Higher Health and Social Care.
  • Getting a job that can work around college as a carer.
  • Being in the Care Sector somewhere I have always wanted.

I have made achievements and I have had failures, but now I believe that there is failure before success, but that doesn’t mean you give up. It means you keep fighting and of course things change, once I wanted to be a nursery nurse which has now changed. I am aiming to be a support worker and then come back to college to learn about counselling when I have more experience behind me. 

Now I have to push myself out of my comfort zone, so that I can keep this job and be able to move on to progress in to HNC. As well as to move out and be independent, not having me have people telling me that “I can’t do it” or make everything a competition. 

As I see things, life isn’t always easy and the simple things are more complex. You can either let a set back hold you back or you can shrug your shoulders and move on to fight for greater opportunities…….