Should blogging be for only those who are looking to be a author one day creating their own books or already have their own books? Should it be for people who are a journalist or is looking to be in the journalism career? Do you have to be really good at writing and have perfect grammar or spelling to be a blogger? There’s lots of ways you can keep memories recorded, diaries, nowadays facebook and Twitter. Now a days some people care about their statistics and how many have viewed their post, while others post just so they can look at it in years to come. Somewhere they can look to remember past experiences, like looking through a photo album and seeing life you once lived in the past. Personal blogs I personally think shouldn’t need to have the best grammar or even the best writing skills, as long as it’s personal then no one can tell you to go get educated and go and improve your writing skills. Or even to tell you that you suck and shouldn’t be blogging. 

I am not going by any writing that I have seen or whatnot, I am going by the way I sometimes think and can create fear to blog in case there’s someone out there that thinks I shouldn’t be doing it. I am not looking to be in the book writing or journalism career, I am just looking for somewhere I can just tell the world of my experiences and inner thoughts on certain subjects that somehow peak my interest. Why not speak these sort of thoughts or whatnot that I am doing here on facebook? Well I sometimes watch what I say when I have an account that has full of family and friends on, I would rather do some of these stuff somehow anonymous at which no one who knows me, knows I have this blog and can’t judge me for my life because they don’t know the type of person I am. Not every blog I think tells you who they are.

But to you readers, is it important if you have good writing skills to be a blogger or is it not that important? What’s your thoughts in the matter?